Thursday, 29 April 2010

Gone to the Dogs

A puzzling absence of the usual enthusiasm for biscuits by my neighbour's dog - at the opening of a doggy themed art exhibition became clear later.  They certainly looked like dog biscuits... but apparently they were ginger - and meant for the humans.  Never mind, didn't seem too put out.  

An unexpectedly full Indian restaurant lead to us eating at The Kings Head at Letheringsett.  Frequently passed, but last visited many moons ago, this is one of Chris Coubrough's expanding empire.  Very welcoming, plenty of room and good food and already added to the Grapevine list of places to eat.  Amused to see that like all of us, it's easy not notice the seemingly obvious; the till receipt proclaiming them to be in in Letteringsett.   

Monday, 26 April 2010

A spring evening at Overy Staithe

The sun's out..... England and in particular Norfolk is at its most seductive.  The tide is high, Harry the dog is well-behaved. It's just fantastic.

Burnham Market afternoon

The sun is high in the sky - and the swifts are back. Not so many as last year.. yet. Let's hope there are more on the way.

Just had an interesting new painting in - very different to anything else in the gallery but I have high hopes. 

Talking of birds, lots of nice new Birds (and a whale) by Terri Smart have also arrived. These ones are ceramic, but equally fascinating and very affordable. I think my current favourite has to be the Lapwing.