Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Where did August go?

Can't quite believe that it's September tomorrow. Just four weeks ago, summer still seemed stretched out before us, and yet today with fantastic blue skies and finally - no wind, you can almost hear the change of season.

August has been surprisingly good with lots of visitors and some good sales. Amongst new arrivals in the gallery have been paintings by PIERCE CASEY - a wonderful man, originally from Southern Ireland with a fantastic feel for colour and composition.  His paintings are currently on show in the Norwich gallery, but will be heading north very soon. People often ask how we find our artists?  Serendipity.. and a little help from our friends - in this case Burnham Market's resident artist ANDREW RUFFHEAD.  I'm looking forward to putting these two old friends back in touch.

In contrast to last year, we've gone easy on the one-man shows this year.. until now when we're making up for it with the return of GERARD STAMP.  As well as some of what he has become so well-known for (even HM The Queen now has one), there are a couple of stunning landscapes, including what surely must be his best interpretation of the Saltmarsh yet, and a new departure - paintings of the fishing sheds at Brancaster.  If you haven't seen it yet, its on for just another 10 days or so.