Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Out West - Part 2

I love Cornwall - but these days it's so easy to get there, I fear it's lost some of its mystery.  A lesson for Norfolk perhaps; just maybe we'd be better off without the completion of the A11. Anyway the upshot of this is that less than 2 hours driving from Richard Godfrey found me in Penryn, meeting up again with one of my current favourites, PATRICK HAUGHTON.  

Very much part of the St.Ives tradition, I think his work is just fantastic. His studio look out towards Falmouth and the Carrick Roads, but the biggest influence to me in his current work is the time he spends each year in the far west of France. If you want to know more about Patrick's work, you need look no further than the web-site of another of my favourites GEOFFREY ROBINSON, who made a short film http://www.geoffreyrobinson.com/patrickhaughton.html about Patrick's work not long ago.

Over lunch it emerged that we shared a number of mutual friends in and around Falmouth - and somewhat bizarrely Patrick was re-united with a lost and much loved scarf! Very good to see Patrick and Suki again and I look forward to entertaining them in Norfolk; - it seems Patrick has his eye on a visit to the RAILWAY INN - http://www.hostearms.co.uk/Railway - here in Burnham Market. 

Friday, 21 May 2010

A long delayed trip out west - Part 1

Before opening the Burnham Grapevine, I seemed to head west down the A303 fairly regularly.  So it came as something of a surprise to find that it was nearly 11 months since my last visit. As usual it brought unexpected delights.  

Arriving to stay with my good friend and potter extraordinaire RICHARD GODFREY in glorious Devon, I was invited to join Richard to a brief recording session (twinning arrangements have a lot to answer for) at a house in a magical setting overlooking the river close by Newton Ferrers.   I knew Richard was also a talented musician - but he turns out to have something of a voice as well. Back at home, I was introduced to Devon Blue - a cheese new to me but one which is truly superb and a worthy rival to Binham Blue.

To business.  A new group of Richard's wonderful pots was acquired the following morning - plus the real pleasure in finally meeting MIKE BROMAGE a truly unique talent who I am sure we're going to hear much more of if I'm not very much mistaken.  Mike has just published his 2nd book of drawings and cartoons of his wonderful birds. Simply fantastic.

All too brief a stay... but further delights lay further west.  And as it turned out - east.