Saturday, 12 June 2010

Saturday Lunchtimes in Burnham

Saturday lunchtimes have become something of a social institution in the gallery. First in today was BRIAN HINTON whose characterful paintings are very much in tune with the mood of the place. Those who frequent the restaurant at The Hoste sit alongside Brian's paintings of Jazz musicians and it gives us great pleasure to be selling his new work. The subject has changed but his people are very much his own - characterised by curves and good humour.  Next up - but not unexpected - was MAX ANGUS, bringing two new prints which we are, as ever, delighted to show.

Difficult to believe, but Max has only been showing with us for two and a bit years, but has become very much a regular.  As ever, they are very competitively priced - and absolutely ideal for anybody who loves or lives (hopefully both!) in Norfolk.

Last in, MICHAEL CHAPMAN with a typical Chapman - Receding Tide at Holkham.  He does get the atmosphere and the light just right, but then I suppose he should do.  He has been here some time and as I am realising really does understand the place. So much so that the paint was barely dry on his last delivery before it sold.

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