Friday, 15 June 2012

Another week

Bit of a Max Angus fest, but no apologies for that as she has just brought me a new print which I think is one of her best.

This little group is to be found between Thornham and Old Hunstanton or so I am told.  Time for a bit more investigating I think.

Having to go the far east (Holt) twice this week before opening, it's striking just how good North Norfolk is looking despite the lack of warmth.  The stretch between here and Wiveton is particularly enticing and I've finally now visited The Anchor at Morston in its new guise.  Many years ago, we used to pretend to sail an Oyster out of Morston Creek and despite The Anchor being the closest we hardly ever used it. Now run by two talented chaps, Harry & Rowan, I can at least vouch for the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen.  The belly pork was delicious... and the Norfolk Rarebit.... and the puddings...  Also very happy to report that even though the boss wasn't present, the service was good. As they say - 'you've all done very well!'

Having spent a little time in Holt including trying to get a local phone number via Google on my phone and eventually leaving a messsage for the lucky recipient - Sarah of Brays Pork Pie fame (food again), I crossed the road and went in Starlings only to find myself standing next to her.  Sadly she had no pies about her person, but she did point me in the direction of a good article about North Norfolk in Food & Travel magazine.

As far as Holt goes, I always think it looks great but the people don't seem very happy. It could be me.. or maybe it's the stress that goes with controlled parking?

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