Friday, 28 March 2014

Big Bangs

It would be quite easy to make fun of local media that this morning give generous coverage to the big bangs heard in parts of North Norfolk last night. Somewhat prosaically it turns out these big bangs were accompanied by heavy rain and were in fact, thunder.

There is a view that this kind of news coverage reflects and perpetuates the caricature of Norfolk as an isolated rural backwater living in a different age.  Well maybe it does and we do seem to have our fair share of this kind of non-news. I actually seem to think this same phenomenon gave rise to similar reporting not that long ago. However, whatever view you choose to take on this, it could also be argued that the coverage reflects how widespread the use of social media is in the these remote parts. Hardly backward, but in terms of printed news, the coverage does reflect the diminishing world of professional reporting and editing.

I actually think it's rather good that we do still get over-excited about these things and rather than being concerned about this kind of thing, take delight in our quaint old-fashioned ways. 

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