Thursday, 3 September 2015

And so we reach September

As ever, change is in the air. The last Bank Holiday of the season - and away they all go. You can almost hear the place relaxing.

However, it's far too soon to think summer's gone and the latest sequence of paintings from Brian Hinton really catch the freedom of Norfolk's wide beaches.  Unsurprisingly September looks as if it might just calm down and give us what we dream of. 

There is no denying it seems to have been a strange summer, never really settling down with wild swings from one extreme to the other. A burst of heat at the start of July, then days that felt like October. And for whatever reason it felt the same in the gallery. A great start then an unseasonally quiet patch towards the end of July.

And then August, with footfall and sales in the gallery noticeably up. Patrick Boswell's exhibition seemed to hit the spot attracting customers new and old. Alongside Patrick's exhibition our gallery artists continue to find success. If it's possible to generalise, our customers typically seem to come from Norfolk, Cambridge, Leicestershire and Northampton. However this year we have seen art departing to Dallas Texas, Buffalo NY and Philadelphia as well as New Zealand and South Africa - and this mostly in the last few weeks.

Tomorrow we open our latest exhibition, showing etchings by one of our favourite printmakers Emma Buckmaster. As regular visitors will know it is rare that we do not have one or two of her evocative works in the gallery but this will be the first time we have shown a full collection. An added bonus is that the exhibition includes work from a collaborative project with Janet French - Tree Portraits - a unique series of etchings printed on to paper made from the trees own leaves.

As has been said before it's a change of pace and style that kicks in at the start of September and this new collection seems to fit the mood beautifully. Calm, serene and evocative.

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