Saturday, 16 April 2011

Burnham Market Horse Trials

Apart from The Hoste Arms, Burnham Market is now probably best known for the Horse Trials. But as with lots of things, the closer and the more convenient an event is, the less notice you take.  That has now been put to rights - courtesy of my good friend GERARD STAMP, who not only paints rather well but has a very competent horsewoman in the shape of his daughter, Eleanor.

Prompted by a phone call, I closed up a bit early yesterday and went up to Sussex Farm just in time to see Eleanor complete the Show Jumping and the Cross-Country.  Found watching the former almost too tense when you know the rider, but enjoyed the cross-country; Eleanor's mastery of the water jump looked complete from my uninformed perspective. Pleasingly this seemed to be the official view as well!

As with most things in Norfolk you always meet someone you know - in this case, quite remarkably, NICKY LOUTIT whose exhibition opens with us next Thursday. Rounding the visit off with a very agreeable pint of Wherry at The Hoste, my only regret about this unexpected interlude was that my timing ensured I just missed Sarah and the wonderful Brays Pork Pies who were leaving the Trials just as I arrived.  My pleadings on the internet last night were obviously to no avail - there was no special delivery this morning!  Maybe I will have to go back, after all.

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