Saturday, 9 April 2011

A summer Saturday!

I know it's not, but it does feel like it. Last night at Gunton, following an evening excursion to the miraculous Mr Clover at Acle to collect posters for Geoffrey Robinson's exhibition in Norwich...

and more advertising for the studio.

Seriously tempted to stay and sample the new Gunton Apple Juice, but headed west on what must be the best 30 mile drive in the country. Does Norfolk look good at the moment?  Oh Yes! The garden is easily 3 weeks ahead now, with flowers, birds and bees - one of which stung me yesterday, just to prove the point.

Interesting visitors - Hertfordshire, Heacham and Helsinki... and the Old Rectory, for good measure.  The big question is..... Silver by Nature? or Don't Push it? Difficult.

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