Saturday, 22 December 2012

3 days to go

North Norfolk isn't looking particularly Christmassy today.  The world hasn't ended but it is rather dark and decidedly damp. A couple of visitors yesterday who are staying at the Mill asked whether the Burn floods.  I said it was doubtful as there are sluices which can be opened and they seemed re-assured. Think I'm right.

Interesting discussion yesterday regarding artist's proofs.  I have always believed that there is more than one, and that in the case of a large edition there can in fact be quite a number. Subsequent discussion with those much more expert than I have indeed confirmed that.  As far as whether, as is suggested on various internet sites, AP's are worth more I somehow doubt this.  As with all art you should buy because you like it, not because one just might be worth than another. Here end's the lesson.

Prints always do well around Christmas, and this year is no exception with Glynn Thomas leading the field by some way. Despite being a Suffolk boy, his Norfolk subjects must be right as well.  Happily, Glynn works close to my alternative route from London to Norwich so we have been able to meet some very late requests. I think his framer may now have had enough! so no more until the New Year I think.

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