Saturday, 29 December 2012

Post Christmas Ponderings

The days between Christmas and New Year are always strange with the normal pattern of weekdays and weekends abandoned. This year seems odder than most but maybe that's just me. One thing that doesn't change is the usual surge of visitors to this part of Norfolk post-Christmas. As someone remarked this morning it does often seem that this part of the world is just right for the New Year. The beaches, the wind-blown walks all seem just right.

Listening to a conversation here yesterday - even for those who are not dedicated birdwatchers - the birds do provide common interest for so many. Norfolk's own Sacred Ibis is apparently still hanging around in Cley, oblivious to the speculation as to its status as a legitimate visitor or merely an escapee. And then there's the seals. Blakeney's colony is having a bumper year and unsurprisingly they are being seen along the coast, in the channel at Wells and on the beach at Brancaster.

And of course between the walks there is the all important visit or visits to your favourite hostelry.  If you only acted on what you read on-line about some of our local pubs and restaurants you probably wouldn't dare set foot in them.  Yes, they change with ownership and chefs and in some cases they do seem to be being a bit greedy with their prices, but they must be doing something right or they wouldn't still attract the numbers they do. An extended family lunch in one of my favourites more than came up to expectations and you can only marvel at how they do it. It's not just one good meal, it's all of them, all day, everyday. Long may they thrive and prosper!

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